Metroidvania, the actions of which unfold in the distant future. Take on the role of Three heroes - who are led to the city of the firstborn by their goals and objectives. Discover the secret of the crystal of this ancient people along the way.     VIEW IN STEAM The game takes place on Earth in the distant future. The familiar world is threatened by a threat from the past. As it turned out, humans are not the only intelligent beings who have ever dominated the earth. An ancient race of highly intelligent beings, owned this world long before humans. Born to be the first masters on earth, they called themselves “Primordial”. But 65 million years ago, the Chicxulub meteorite hit the Earth, destroying 90% of life on the planet and making it practically uninhabitable. In order to preserve their appearance, the firstborn had to go to sleep, putting their city into a state of hibernation. However, after so many years, the city has awakened. Kirk Hassle, a former special forces soldier, and now a thief, received an order from an anonymous person for an interesting artifact hidden in the ocean. Having sailed to the coordinates indicated by the anonymous person, he discovered an unusual crystal. Having seized it with the manipulator of the bathyscaphe, he provoked an explosion that spoiled the power supply system of the hibernation capsules in the city of the firstborn. He ended up at the bottom of the ocean due to the shift of the continents. From the explosion, Kirk falls into the bathyscaphe and hits his head, losing consciousness, but before that he manages to give the system an order to ascend. Almost unconscious, Kirk wakes up already on the surface of the water. He has Crystal, but the water police are already on their way to him. He is arrested, the crystal is seized and taken to the city of Wilmington. The ancient city of the first-born people “Gentam" was reborn from the abyss and rose into the heavens to find a new location for the location on land, while throwing out a wave of energy that destroyed part of the east coast of the United States. The release was the result of a failed battery in one of the life support systems of the ancient city. The city of Wilmington turned into ruins, many people died, and the rest lost their homes. The ruined city became a new foundation for Gentam. Hassl survives, but loses his memory of recent events. He is taken to a special prison. A young girl, Zendaya, an antiquities hunter, goes to the ruins in search of "artifacts" for which they will pay well. At the same time, an archaeology student named Yoko is conducting his own personal investigation into the causes of the cataclysm. Everything that was dear to him, everyone he loved, died in this tragedy. He returned to the city to find out the truth about what happened and visit his destroyed house. The Primordial ones decide to launch a process of controlled terraforming of the Earth in order to bring the climate to a state suitable for them. This threatens the disappearance of all mankind from the face of the earth. Hassle escapes from prison and the ruins of Wilmington become the only place to hide. Meanwhile, Youko goes to investigate the scene of the tragedy, and Zendaya, the city that appeared. Chance brings all three heroes together. They find out about the plans of the firstborn and try to stop them.
- You are waiting for the ruins of the city on the site of which is now a completely different city - the City of the firstborn who rose from the depths of the ocean;
- Three characters whose story you have to reveal;
- Dynamic battles with many unique abilities of all three characters;
- The game world in the genre of metroidvania divided into 6 zones;
- Memorable enemies;
- Dynamic, fast-paced plot;
- Answer the questions: How to defeat the firstborn? What will happen now?

Wind Shuriken is an exciting, stylish action platformer. Play as a legendary fighter from another galaxy, and use your legendary sword to defeat powerful enemies.     VIEW IN STEAM You, the legendary fighter from the space squad samurai KR-15, will have the last operation: Meet with an informant to get information about the head of the clan "Anonymous", This clan for many years holds martial law on all four planets in the distant solar system called Infinitium. You have been selected for this mission.Since you are one of the best fighters in the squad. You have a high mastery of the katana, your shurikens fly right on target! A complete set of samurai combat equipment from the future. Your ability to maneuver and quickly defeat enemies is always at a price. Mission: Get all the necessary information from the informant, and eliminate the head of the clan "Anonymous" and thereby end the war on all four planets. But not everything is so simple, in the end everything will not go as you expected! And you have to solve this problem. You can help your pet robot in the game, which is controlled exclusively by the second player, it will be even more interesting to play together! The robot has small arms, and is always in the air. Sometimes his help in the game is simply not replaceable! Play together! Exciting platformer: Your katana is very sharp and fast as a way to quickly destroy your opponents. With your legendary skills, you can use various ninja and samurai throwing objects, fight your way through bullets and traps, and defeat powerful enemies. It's time for the last mission. The beautiful and at the same time mysterious story of the main character will reveal his character in the plot. Some missions you have to perform on the spaceship of the main character.

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